One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when treating your bipolar disorder is choosing a therapist or psychiatrist to consult with as your mental health provider. For the best possible outcome for your mental health, be careful to choose a doctor that fits your needs.

Here is how you can choose what mental health provider(s) you’ll need to best treat your bipolar disorder.

There are a number of different types of mental health providers you can choose to visit. You could see a therapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The type you choose depends on you and your therapy and medication needs.

When choosing the type of mental health provider you need and when, take a look at your symptoms, your health insurance coverage and if you need medication for your bipolar disorder, which you most likely will as you can experience mood swings ongoing.

Psychiatrist for treating bipolar disorder. If you have bipolar disorder, you will have to stabilize your moods with medication. A psychiatric can talk with you about the types of bipolar medications you’ll need to keep your mood disorder in check. A psychiatrist can adjust your bipolar medication dosages accordingly.

Therapist / Psychologist for treating bipolar disorder.  A therapist or psychologist is beneficial for a person with bipolar disorder that needs to discuss problems and situations going on in their every day life, such as work, family and marriage issues. These mental health providers help to get to the root of issues and provide new ways of looking at things. Family and marriage counseling can include the family of the bipolar patient.

Combination of both for bipolar therapy. Some people with bipolar disorder regular see both a psychiatrist and psychologist to meet their mental health needs. The way you schedule your appointments depends on your specific needs and the frequency you feel you need bipolar disorder therapy.

Even if you don’t know at the beginning what type of mental health team you’ll need for your bipolar disorder therapy, you’ll find out what works for you along the way.

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