Bipolar Disorder Movies on the Big Screen

Bipolar disorder and manic depression has been the topic of several Hollywood films. Here are the best of the fiction movies about bipolar disorder. You may find some similarities in the stories of these movie characters in your own life or your loved one’s life.

A Fine Madness

The first on the list of bipolar disorder fiction movies is A Fine Madness. A Fine Madness was released Sept. 23, 1966 and stars Sean Connery, Joanne Woodward and Jean Seberg. In this fictional movie about bipolar disorder, A Fine Madness tells the story of a frustrated poet, Samson Shillitoe. Shillitoe is a woman magnet who is behind in alimony payments. Shillitoe lives with a woman named Rhoda, a waitress, who is very supportive of him. Rhoda tries to get Shillitoe to see a psychiatrist when he has a breakdown because he can’t seem to finish one of his big poem projects. A Fine Madness is 104 minutes in length.

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Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones, released, Oct. 3, 1993, is a film about a man who seeks treatment from a female psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, Dr. Elizabeth “Libbie” Bowen, steps over the line of patient, doctor relationship when she falls in love with Mr. Jones. Richard Gere plays the role of Mr. Jones and Lena Olin plays the part of Dr. Bowen. The movie Mr. Jones is 114 minutes in length.

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Blue Sky

Another one of the best fiction movies about bipolar disorder is Blue Sky. The movie Blue Sky is about a military couple, Hank and Carly Marshall. Hank Marshall is an Army engineer under a lot of pressure because he has taken a stance against nuclear testing. His wife, Carly, has a mood disorder which causes a lot of havoc at each new Army base. Blue Sky was released Sept. 16, 1994. It stars Jessica Lange has Carly Marshall and Tommy Lee Jones as Major Henry “Hank” Marshall. Blue Sky is 101 minutes in length.

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Mad Love

Mad Love is another film on the list of best fictional movies about bipolar disorder. In this teen film, Matt Leland,  straight laced good boy falls for Casey Roberts, a young lady dealing with mental issues. So much so that her parents check her into a mental hospital. Matt and Casey decide to run away together. Mad Love stars Drew Barrymore, Joan Allen and Chris O’Donnell. Based on reviews of the movie Mad Love, Barrymore has done a good job of portraying someone with mental illness. The movie has a run time of 93 minutes. It was released May 26, 1995.

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Bulworth is the last on our list of bipolar disorder movies, but certainly not the least. The movie Bulworth is about a senator, Senator Jay Bulworth, who has a manic depressive and suicidal episode during his re-election campaign. This movie has been reviewed as funny and clever in its approach. Bulworth stars Warren Beatty, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle and Oliver Platt. It was released May 15, 1998 and is 108 minutes in length.

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