The drug Lamictal Lamotrigine is often used to treat bipolar disorder as a mood stabilizer. There are some benefits to Lamictal, as well a some side effects. You’ll want to be aware of both.

Here’s a list of positives and side effects you’ll find useful if you’re considering taking Lamictal to treat your bipolar disorder. And as always, consult your doctor about the use of bipolar medications.

Benefits of Lamictal:

1. Helps prevent mood swings. For those looking for relief from bipolar depression and bipolar mania, Lamictal can help keep mood swings at bay for longer periods of time. GlaxoSmithKline, the company that produces this bipolar medication, states that 37 percent of patients that received the drug did not need additional bipolar treatment for mood episodes over a course of a year.

2. Lamictal boasts long-term stability. You may want to consider Lamictal if you’re looking for a long-term bipolar medication solution since there is currently no cure for bipolar disorder.

3. No blood monitoring needed. Since there is not need for blood monitoring with Lamictal, this cuts down on the number of doctors visits needed.

4. Doesn’t cause weight gain. Bipolar patients will not gain weight from taking this bipolar medication. lamictal-lamotrigine-medication-bipolar-disorder-treatment-pills1

Side Effects of Lamictal:

1. Could cause blood or liver problems. There have been numerous reports of blood problems and liver problems with Lamictal. Symptoms of these problems are weakness, fatigue, severe muscle pain, unusual bruising or bleeding and frequent infections.

2. Could cause a rash. Those that experience rash with this bipolar medication may be affected within the first two months of starting Lamictal. A rash may become a serious enough reaction that would require hospitalization. There is no way to tell if this will happen though. A serious rash is more likely to occur in children than in adults.

3. Other side effects of Lamictal are headache, dizziness, sleepiness, vomiting, insomnia, double vision and lack of coordination. If you are currently taking Lamictal medication for bipolar disorder and are experiences these side effects, consult your doctor.

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