For people genetically at risk for manic depression, symptoms and signs of bipolar disorder can manifest in a person’s late teens or early twenties. Many people experience their first bipolar symptoms as they enter adulthood.

Because of hormonal changes teens go through it can hard for a parent or loved one to tell if their teenager is bipolar or just experiencing some natural moodiness. If bipolar disorder of mental illness runs in the family, it can send a parent or the teen into panic mode about the teen’s moodiness. It can make a person question if the teen is bipolar or not. That’s where a qualified mental health professional steps in to help.

If you have a teen, or you’re a teen wondering if you have bipolar disorder, check out these symptoms and signs of bipolar disorder in teenagers.

Signs of mania in teens include a decreased need for sleep, increased energy, racing thoughts, poor jubipolar-disorder-teen-teenager-signs-symptomsdgment, a heightened mood, lots of irritability, aggression, having trouble concentrating and acting recklessly.

Signs of depression in teens include if the teen has lost interest in the usual things he or she has had interested in, drop in grades, loss of appetite, excessive worrying, overeating, thoughts of suicide or death and low energy.

Bipolar disorder symptoms in teens can be different from adults in that the teenager may experience rapid cycling more often going from mania to depression with the day.

If you are a teen and think you have bipolar disorder or depression, talk with a parent or another trusted adult to ask for help. You can get the diagnosis you need to get help for how you’re feeling. Being moody because of hormonal changes can be a part of growing up, but seek help if you feel as it’s something deeper than that.

There are numerous books to help teens with bipolar disorder. Here are a couple suggestions:

The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family

The Bipolar Handbook for Children, Teens, and Families: Real-Life Questions with Up-to-Date Answers

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