Only you can decide when and how to tell someone you are bipolar. It is no secret that there are many social stigmas that are attached to bipolar disorder. However, an individual should not be ashamed of their condition. Bipolar disorder is simply a part of their life.

It can be difficult to figure out how to tell someone you are bipolar. If a friend or loved one truly cares about you, then they will not pass judgment on you simply because you have a disorder. You should be prepared for people to ask questions. There are many aspects of the disease that they may not understand. These questions will be asked out of curiosity, rather than derision.

It is important to explain to those who are close to you that you have bipolar disorder. This provides those who care about you with an explanation to your behaviors at certain times, such as when you are experiencing a bout of depression. This can assist those around you with figuring out how to best help you during these periods, and you should be able to rely on your friends and family for support. There are some individuals who will react negatively to this news when you tell them. However, if this occurs, then you should simply let the situation go. You cannot control their reactions or their responses.

Before you tell someone you are bipolar, there are several questions you should ask yourself. First, is there a benefit, whether it be personal or professional, to you to tell this person? Secondly, what is your reason behind your desire to tell someone you are bipolar? Finally, does the person, such as a significant other or a superior at work, you will be talking too have a right to know about your condition? Bipolar disorder is an intensely personal issue, and it will be up to your discretion as to whom you inform about it.

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