If you have a husband or wife with bipolar disorder, you may wonder if your bipolar marriage can survive. There is hope for bipolar marriages. So the answer is yes, bipolar marriages can be saved and do quite well with hard work.

Bipolar statistics show that bipolar marriages have a 90 percent failure rate, meaning only 10 percent of bipolar marriages survive. This accounts for those bipolar marriages that are recorded in studies. There are thousands of other marriages where one or both parties may have bipolar disorder, but never had a bipolar diagnosis.

The dim statistics shouldn’t stop you from trying to fight for your bipolar marriage.

Here are some things you can do to help save a bipolar marriage.

1. Seek marriage counseling to help a bipolar disorder. If you are bipolar or if your husband or wife is bipolar, you can seek marriage counseling to sort through some of the issues you two may be experiencing. This will give you a chance to hear from a trained therapist who knows about bipolar disorder and its effect on marriages. Marriage counseling also gives you an outside view into your marriage.


2. Take vacations to help your bipolar marriage survive. One way to help save a bipolar marriage is to take time away from the day to day tasks of everyday life, including the stress of a bipolar marriage. Take trips away together and also mini trips away from each other.

If you travel without your husband or wife, go on a short trip away with another family member or friend. This will give you some time to decompress and miss your spouse. Don’t leave on a solo trip in anger though. Take a solo trip with the thought process of getting some rest and relaxation to rejuvenate yourself to return back to your spouse.

3. Forgive each other to help a bipolar marriage. Another way to help a bipolar marriage survive is to forgive one another quickly. When your bipolar spouse does something wrong, forgive him or her. Forgive the bipolar husband or wife regardless if they’ve asked for forgiveness or not. The bipolar husband or wife will remember that they have your unconditional love and that will help them to try focused on their treatments and therapy. If you are bipolar and your spouse does something wrong toward you, forgive them as well. Keeping a positive attitude and clear mind is good for your health.

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