Over the years there have been hundreds of famous people and celebrities with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can effects about 2.6 percent of the adult population and is thought to be genetically linked. This means bipolar disorder can effect anyone. Even celebrities and other famous people you may know of battle bipolar disorder everyday.

Here is a list of famous people and celebrities with bipolar disorder. The list includes actresses, actors, writers, singers and business people. Some of these bipolar celebs you’ll recognize while others you may not.

Buzz Aldrin
Alvin Alley

Ned Beatty
Clifford Beers
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Maurice Bernard
John Berryman
Jeremy Brett
Alohe Jean Burke
Tim Burton

Robert Campeau
Jim Carey
Lisa Nicole Carson
C.E. Chaffin
Rosemary Clooney
Hart Crane
Lindsay Crosby
Garnet Coleman
Francis Ford Coppola

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Ray Davies
Lenny Dee
Gaetano Donizetti
Eric Douglas
Robert Downey Jr.
Patty Duke

Larry Flynt
Carrie Fisher
Connie Francis

Peter Gabriel
Kit Gingrich
Vincent Van Gogh
Phil Graham
Shecky Greene
Peter Gregg

Linda Hamilton
George Fredrick Handel
Moss Hart
Mariette Hartley
Jimi Hendrix
Kristen Hersh
Phyllis Hyman

Jack Irons

Randall Jarrell
Daniel Johnston

Jane Kenyon
Margot Kidder
Otto Klemperer

Vivien Leigh
Oscar Levant
Jennifer Lewis
Bill Lichtenstein
Joshua Logan
Robert Lowell

Gustav Mahier
Kevin McDonald
Kristy McNichols
Burgess Meredith
Spike Milligan
John Mulheren
Spike Mulligan

Phil Ochs
John Ogden

Nicola Pagett
Susan Panico
Jaco Pastorius
Pierre Peladeau
Murray Pezim
Sylvia Plath
Heinz C. Prechter
Charley Pride

Mac Rebennack (Dr. John)
Jeannie C. Riley
Alys Robi
Axl Rose

Francesco Scavullo
Robert Schumann
Delmore Schwartz
Del Shannon
DMX Earl Simmons
Don Simpson
Phil Spector
Ben Stiller
David Strickland
Sting, Gordon Sumner

Lili Taylor
Nick Traina
Ted Turner

Tracy Ullman

Sol Wachtier
Tom Waits
Norman Wexler
Robin Williams
Brian Wilson
Jonathon Winters

Townes Van Zandt

As you can see there are hundreds of bipolar celebs. Some may still be undiagnosed or have not yet revealed their bipolar disorder. This list will be updated periodically.

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