One way to lessen bipolar manic and depression episodes is to avoid stress. Of course, stressful situations are a part of life, but you can do a number of things to keep it at a minimum. Here are some tips you can use to manage bipolar disorder and stress.

Avoid high-stress situations.If there are situations that you know will bring you stress, such as planning a holiday party or a 12-hour day full of activities, it would be best to avoid doing so. Taking extra precaution to keep your stress levels low should be the number one priority.

Balance your work and personal life. You may have periods of high energy where you want to work a lot and other times where you just want to take it easy. Find a balance and stick with it so it’ll be easier to stabilize you moods. Having a schedule will keep your mind focused. It is also ok to say “no” when you feel as though you’re becoming overworked.


Incorporate relaxation techniques. Even before you start to feel tension, there are a number of things you can do to keep yourself calm and relaxed. The last thing you’d want to do is trigger a bipolar episode. These relaxation techniques include yoga, meditation and deep breathing.

Yoga: One way to center yourself when dealing with bipolar disorder is to practice yoga on a regular basis. Yoga not only has physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. You’ll feel much more in control as you lower your risk for anxiety, stress and depression.

Meditation: You may also find that you benefit from meditation as part of your bipolar disorder treatment. You can think of anything when you’re meditating. One thing you don’t want to think about are your potential stressors. Think of peaceful nature scenes or pray as you meditate. Think of yourself living a healthy, stress-free life and conquering your bipolar disorder.

Deep breathing: Take some quiet time to do some deep breathing. Breath in through the mouth and out through the nose in a steady pace. You’ll feel the stress melt away.

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