As with any romantic situation, dating someone will bipolar disorder won’t be easy. When you have two people are getting to know each other and forming a relationship, there will be ups and downs. With bipolar disorder added into the mix, the ups and downs of relationships will be higher and lower than the average couple.

If you’re considering dating someone with bipolar disorder, or you have it, be prepared for a challenge. Don’t be discouraged though because a loving relationship can be worth the effort, when it’s right.


Because people with bipolar disorder have mood swings, dating someone with bipolar disorder can be a rollercoaster at times. Manic and depression episodes can cause stress and strain in a relationship when it ordinarily wouldn’t. You have to be mindful of a person’s mood swings and what triggers their episodes. Some things you’ll get to know as you observe more about them.

Having a close attachment to a person with manic depression can create emotional triggers and blow disagreements out of proportion. Some people with bipolar disorder can also become jealous when they are moody so also be aware of this. The up times are often a whirlwind of romance that often overshadows the down times. It takes a real commitment to stick with a person with bipolar disorder, but it can be done.

If you are bipolar and are considering dating someone, be upfront about your illness. Also take care of your mental health. You owe it to yourself. This will improve your life as well as your relationship, including your dating relationships. You’ll be more stable to pursue a stable loving relationship.

When you’re dating relationship becomes serious, consider couples counseling if troubles arise often. This will help you better understand each other as well as the illness. No matter what reassure each other that you have a strong commitment to each other.

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